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Important Time Management Training Skills

Important time management training skills

Time management training skills

In these days, good Time management skills are more important than ever. When money is scarce you must wring every penny you can from each hour of your time invested.

Time is money; so poor time management skills will cost you dearly.
If your time management skills are poor, what should you fix?
Here are six ideas on what things you should be working on:

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1. Goal focus
The following four lines are the best time management advice you will ever read:
1. At the beginning of each month, sit down and decide upon SIX goals for the month
2. At the beginning of each week write out six goals for the week consistent with list 1
3. At the end of each day, write a list of six goals for the following day, consistent with list 2
4. Then spend as much time as is humanly possible on your daily list

This habit will train your brain to become a "goal striving mechanism ". Your brain works best when it knows exactly what it is trying to achieve.
Ambiguous or uncertainty causes your brain to dither and become indecisive.
Defined goals and outcomes are the preferred diet of the human brain: Definite goals will speed you up and cause you to use time more effectively.
Time management tip: Become a goal focused individual.

2. Affirmative communications
Don't spend time talking about what you don't want, won't do and don't like.
Time management tip: Spend more time talking about what you DO want, WILL do and DO like.

Too much time is wasted in every town in the country with an excess of complaining and moaning:
It is worse than a waste of time it is counterproductive!

Instead, talk about your desires, plans, and the things that inspire you.
Time management tip; Stop asking people "what's wrong?" and ask them "what are your plans for the day?"

3. Written plans
Having clear goals is not enough.
You must build careful and detailed plans outlining the method by which your goals will be achieved.
Time management tip: Operate according to your plan, not your mood.
Many people do not have detailed plans: they are making it up as they go along.
In the heat of battle, this is not effective because you cannot think fast enough. With no written plan, you are forced to become REACTIVE: you are driven by events, rather than controlling them.
With a written plan you become more PRO ACTIVE, acting according to your own priorities rather than those set by the environment.

4. Don't argue for entertainment value
When you are stressed: when things are going wrong, and you are annoyed then:
Don't say everything that you feel like saying.
Too much of your time is spent trying to manage poor relationships.
Millions of hours every year are wasted on meaningless disputes between people at work made worse by the poor use of language.

Time management tip: When you are angry; the more you say, the more likely you are to say something wrong.
You will then spend the rest of the day trying to repair the damage of a careless word.
When you are angry STOP TALKING until you are back under conscious control.
When they are angry most people talk too much and say the wrong thing.

5. Think positive
Fear, worry, cynicism and pessimism will kill all chances of success, happiness and peace of mind.
It will eat up the hours and fill them will pain!
Don't do it.
Remember that "you feel whatever you think about".
And also: It IS POSSIBLE for you to learn how to control what you think about.
Don't allow your mind to be filled with fear thoughts: distract it with thoughts of your goals ( see point 1 again)
Don't allow your thoughts to become cynical, (read point 2 again)
Don't lose confidence in your ability: think of yourself as an intelligent agent acting always in ways designed to improve upon your current situation.
Time management tip: Create and sustain a positive mental attitude.

6. Inspire others
In order for you to do better, you need to gain the cooperation of others. You can best do that by attracting others with the list given so far:
A clear sense of direction: Good language a really good plan, a positive attitude. Do all you can to encourage others to advance and feel stronger: tell people that:
1. They are intelligent
2. That you expect great things from them
3. That you have confidence in them.
In that way you are MORE likely to have them:
1. Act intelligently on your behalf
2. Do great things for you
3. Earn your trust.

Time management tip: Do all you can to get the best from others.

For more information about our time management training visit the Corporate Coach Group website.

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