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Important Communication Skills

Communication skills

If you want to improve your management ability, you may wish to master this important communication skill

Notice the distinction between:

  1. An answer to a question
  2. A response to a question

There is a difference between an "answer" to a question and a "response" to a question.

It is important to notice which one you have been offered.

What painful consequences would befall a manager who continually mistook mere responses to questions as answers to questions? Imagine that you ask a question, the other person responds, but HE DOES NOT ANSWER. You NOTICE and you repeat the question.

The second time, you get a definitive ANSWER. What beneficial consequences would you now enjoy?

Generally, do politicians have the reputation for answering questions or merely responding to them?

Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills Training

Do you ever think to yourself, "I know what I mean, but I can't explain it"? You need to be able communicate facts, feelings, information and ideas, in a clear, professional and confident manner. If you want to learn more about our communication skills training, please click here.

What is the difference? An "answer" to a question:

  1. Satisfies the requirements of the question.
  2. It is logically connected to the question
  3. It is an illumination of the issue under analysis
  4. It may take the form of a definition.
  5. It may take the form of an explanation
  6. It may be a simple yes or no.
  7. It may differentiate one concept from another or
  8. It may explain a relationship. A "response" does none of these

A response does not answer the question but may:

  1. Ask a question in return
  2. Change the subject
  3. Answer the question the other wished you had asked
  4. Inquire why you are asking the question
  5. Respond with an emotional outburst
  6. Deliberately be a mis-interpretation of your question

Management skills assignment

  1. Do not allow yourself to continually evade answering questions: If you gain such a reputation, you will be marked down in the minds of others.
  2. Listen carefully to others in conversation.
  3. Patrice how often people respond and do not answer.
  4. Practice repeating questions until you get an answer.
  5. Gain a reputation as a person who can find the answers.

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