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What is Personal Development Training?

What is Personal Development Training?

What is Personal Development Training?

Personal development training helps people to improve their results, by improving themselves.

Personal development training is a systematic approach to personal growth, consisting of the following seven elements:

  1. Improved thinking skills.
  2. Improved knowledge base.
  3. Emotional management: self-control, self-confidence, self-esteem.
  4. Goal setting.
  5. Prioritisation.
  6. Communication.
  7. Inspiring others.

Personal development training is based upon the presumption that a person's behaviour, is the major factor that determines how their life turns out.

We are all affected by other people, and by the social, economic and political systems which surround us.

But each person's individual actions (ie what we each think, say and do in response to our environment) is the deciding factor in how life turns out.

Personal development training assumes that, if we want things to get better, then we must first improve ourselves.

How should improve ourselves? Here's how:

1. Improved thinking skills.

Every human action is guided by a human thought. It is what we THINK that determines everything we feel, say and do. If our thinking is wrong, then everything else we do is wrong. If our thinking is right, then everything we do and say, will be improved.

In this sense, "right thinking", means RATIONAL thinking.

Rational thought is fact-based, well defined, specific, logical, sensible, coherent, integrated, systematic and objective.

Wrong thinking is IRRATIONAL, meaning vague, illogical, contradictory, nonsensical, incoherent, disintegrated, unsystematic and subjective thought.

To the degree to which our thinking is irrational, is the degree to which we are in danger.

To the degree we are rational, is the degree we will improve our results.

Developing clear, rational thinking skills, are the first steps in personal development.

2. Improved knowledge base.

Being rational is not enough, we need specialised knowledge. In order to improve our lives, we must become an expert in some form of specialist knowledge. We succeed in this world by trading our skills with other people who have different skills. You may know a lot about marketing, and I may know a lot about baking bread. So, we trade with each other, each person specialising in one or two things and leave other people to take care of running the trains, or pulling teeth.

The point is, we all need to become specialists in at least ONE field of endeavour.

The more you learn, the more confident you become. The more you learn about your specialism, the more you will earn.

So personal development includes a lifelong commitment to self-study learning.

3. Self-control, self-confidence, self-esteem - Emotional management.

We are all affected by emotions. Emotions affect our behaviour, and behaviour affects our results. Therefore, emotions affect our results.

To improve our results, we must master our emotions. Personal development training includes a strong element of emotional management, meaning: The ability to determine for ourselves how we will feel today.

So we do NOT become the puppets of circumstances or other people, we must develop our ability to manufacture positive emotions, on demand. We do this by recognising that emotions are the product of thought.

  • Fear thoughts create fear.
  • Anger thoughts create anger.
  • Goal-focused thoughts create positive motivation.

Personal development means taking control of the content of your mind and directing it away from fear and anger, and towards the achievement of your goals.

4. Goal setting.

Before you can direct your thoughts towards the achievement of your goals, you need to have set goals. Goal setting is the starting point of all achievement. Without goals your mind has nothing positive to attach itself to. In the absence of goals, fear and anger will take its place.

Goals are the answer to this question: What do you want to have, or be, or do, in the future?

Think about what you want and make a list.

5. Prioritisation.

When you look at your list, you will see that you have many goals. Since we cannot do everything simultaneously, we need to prioritise.

Prioritisation is the art of putting things in the right order. The right order may mean:

In order of importance. (Is your health more or less important than your work?)

Into logical sequence. (You put your socks on before your shoes).

Prioritization is a skill that we must all master.

On our personal development training course, you will learn how to prioritise.

6. Communication.

We must clearly communicate our thoughts, knowledge, goals and priority plans to other people. The ability to communicate clearly is therefore on our list of skills to master.

Many people do not communicate clearly because their thinking is chaotic. In order to communicate clearly, we must think clearly (see point one above).

Communication should be fact based, well defined, specific, logical, sensible, coherent, integrated, systematic and objective.

Only then will your message be understood.

Clear communication is a skill we must all master. You can learn how to communicate more clearly on our personal development training course.

7. Inspiring others.

We all need the cooperation of others. None of us can succeed on our own. In order to succeed we need to gain the willing cooperation of others.

Everything we do and say either,

  • draws people to us, or
  • fails to draw people to us, or
  • repulses people from us.

Personal development training includes a large amount of guidance on how NOT to sabotage ourselves, by talking and acting in a manner that is counterproductive.

Instead, we ensure our words and actions serve to inspire others towards positive emotions, that are more likely to gain their willing cooperation.

How to inspire others is a skill we should all study.

If you want to learn to inspire others, then please attend our two-day personal development training course.

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