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Stress Management - Recovery Ability

Stress management - Recovery ability

Stress management - Recovery ability

Recovery ability is the ability of your "mental- emotional- physiological" body to absorb, metabolise and bounce back from, the various stressors that affect you, every day.

Recovery ability is a combination of many factors including:

  • Immunology and resistance to disease
  • Mental toughness
  • Good relationships with those close to you
  • Good nutrition
  • Good health practices
  • Positive attitude
  • Elimination of fear.

Recovery ability is important because your life is a network of competing and diverse pressures, all of which represent a "HIT" on your mind- body-soul system.

  • If any single hit,


  • The SUM TOTAL of all the hits,

reaches a point that exceeds your capacity to tolerate such stress, it constitutes "over exposure" and your "mind-body-soul system" will begin to flounder.

BUT note the following important point

Because you will not be able to identify a particular component from the myriad influences that afflict you, as being THE cause of your ailment, you may be left feeling sick but with no apparent single cause and therefore no obvious remedy.

The problem is that the problem itself is multifaceted and systemic.

The solution, therefore, must also BE MULTI FACETED.

The solution can be labelled though, quite simply, in the following way:

Improve your recovery ability!

Remember that Recovery ability is a combination of many factors including:

  1. Resistance to disease
  2. Mental toughness
  3. Good relationships
  4. Nutrition
  5. Good health practices
  6. Elimination of fear

You can see that each one of those headings is a subject in itself: Each element is worthy of a separate study.

BUT it is important to keep in mind the big picture, because all the elements are interwoven and affect each other.

Let us therefore, restrict ourselves to making a small number of statements on each subset, in the hope that we might stimulate an integrated thought process in a new direction:

Recovery ability is a combination of many factors including

1. Resistance to disease

So restrict your exposure to conditions that invite disease.

Clean, scrub and brush all those parts of you that need it!

Eat vitamin tablets

2. Mental toughness

Don't over dramatize trivial events so that they feel too imposing.

Don't hang around with people who are depressing.

Hang around with people who think life is good.

3. Good relationships with those close to you

Speak kindly to those you love most.

Have you noticed that many people are rude to their partners?

4. Good nutrition

Eat well.

Don't eat or drink toxic foods.

Don't take drugs

5. Good health practices

Exercise regularly.

Go nuts eating fruit

6. Elimination of fear.

Stop fretting and wringing your hands.

Instead, spend the time building practical plans!

Remember that the problems of life are multifaceted and systemic.

Your solution must therefore also be MULTI FACETED.

In a nutshell:

Improve your recovery ability

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