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Personal Development

Personal Development

Personal Development

The degree of your commitment to the process of personal development is the one thing that will make the biggest difference in your life.

Because everyone is faced with a fundamental alternative: to try to improve; or not.

When you are a child there was a system that was designed to educate and improve your knowledge.
That system is called the "state education system".

You entered the state education system at the age of 5, and you remained in it for many years. This was forced upon you. During that time you had people whose sole professional purpose was to educate you: to drive you to successful completion of academic, sporting and social success.

If you failed, they failed.

So the teachers force fed you mathematics, Shakespearian plays, science and religion.

Then, at a certain time in your mid-teens or early twenties, your mandated career as a student came to an abrupt end. You finished your education and you were free to enter the work place and assume your adult responsibilities.

And at that point in their lives, many never go back to studying anything.

  1. They never think to improve their skills in English.
  2. They never think to improve their skills in mathematics.
  3. They don't study history.
  4. Most never study philosophy, psychology, Politics or economics.

Instead they study the newspapers.

They spend four hours each night in front of the TV and become experts in:

  • X factor
  • Coronations Street
  • Celebrity get me out of here
  • Football
  • Cricket

And because most people around them are doing the same, then this seems normal behaviour. And to do otherwise would be abnormal, odd, behaviour.
And so most people don't develop themselves over time.

Most people forget what they knew, and replace it with trivia.

But don't make the mistake of thinking that normal behaviour is the same as good behaviour.

An excellent income is not the result of an average performance.
An excellent income is the result of an excellent level of performance.

A gold medal is not the reward of an average performance.
A gold medal is the reward of a performance based upon years of consistent training and progressive, systematic self-development.

So here is the advice.

Walk away from the crowd.

Stop being normal. Be better than normal. Be better than the average man or woman.

Average sucks!

Commit yourself to a never ending, lifelong commitment to personal development.

Personal development means continuous effort to improve in every aspect of your performance:

  • Improve your physical capabilities: train yourself to be stronger and faster.
  • Improve your mental capabilities: train yourself to learn, understand and recall new information.
  • Improve your social capabilities: train yourself to form long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with others around you.
  • Improve your motors skills: train yourself to be able to do more things with skill, speed and accuracy.
  • Improve your knowledge base: become an expert at your profession. Strive to be the best in your field of endeavour.

Commit yourself to a system of progressive, personal development.

What have you got to lose?

For more information about personal development training visit the Corporate Coach Group website

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