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Importance of Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills Training Soft skills training is an important part of your training.

Soft skills training is concerned with how you can learn to get the best performance from yourself and others.

Soft skills training is the sum total of many subset skills, each one a unique discipline in its own right.
The soft skills can be broken down into the following five subset abilities:

The ability to:

  1. Develop a clear purpose.
  2. Formulate an intelligent plan.
  3. Take decisive action.
  4. Gather and analyse the feedback.
  5. Change in the light of feedback.

The above list represents a success formula for soft skills training.

The failure formula is the opposite method:

  1. Have a lack of purpose.
  2. Have No plan.
  3. Suffer with a lack of action.
  4. Ignore any critical feedback.
  5. Fight change.

Let us analyse the failure formula and guard against it.

1. Lack of purpose

The inability to decide upon and concentrate on one thing at a time.

This can be either

  • No goal at all
  • Too many goals and dispersing your efforts too thinly
  • Contradictory goals

The achievement of one goal destroys the others. Example:

The person who simultaneously wants to:

  1. Eat a lot and....
  2. Lose weight.....

Will fail

Instead make your goals clear and distinct.

2. Have No written plan

You may have a definite purpose but have no plan to achieve it.

The lack of a plan is enough to cause people to fail.

NO plan equates to:

  1. "Making it up as you go along".
  2. Winging it.
  3. Flying by the seat of your pants.

Don't do it.

Instead, sit down with a note book and pens and start writing plans!

3. Lack of action

You may have a plan but not put it into action

Do you know people who have plans but never put them into practice?

The lack of action - Inaction - will cause you to fail.
Once you have a plan - Swing into action!

4. Ignore critical feedback

If you act, you will get a reaction.

Reactions are feedback.
There are three types of feedback.

You act and...

  1. You make progress.
  2. You make no progress.
  3. You regress - you go backwards.

If you act and regress or go backwards then you need to analyse the feedback.
Many people do not like to analyse their defeats and errors. They refuse to look at their faults.
Refusal to look at the causes of your setbacks and defeats will be enough to cause you to fail.
You must be prepared to look at your weaknesses and defeats to find the learning point.

5. Fight change

When you have discovered what is not working, you must change!

But many people refuse to change. They do not want to adapt.
They want to stay the same.
What happens to a living thing that refuses to adapt to the environment?
It goes extinct.
Don't fight change.
Be the agent of change!"

1. Make your goals clear and distinct.
2. Sit down with a note book and pens and start writing plans!
3. Once you have a plan: Swing into action!
4. Be prepared to look at your weaknesses and defeats to find the learning point.
5. When you have discovered what is not working, you must adapt and change.

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