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How Do I Delegate?


Delegation: is the act of entrusting a task to another person.

  • You cannot do everything.
  • So you should do only the highest value things on your list.
  • What should you do with the lower value items?
  • You should delegate them to others.

There are good five good reasons to delegate some of your work to others:

  1. To give you more time for to do higher value work
  2. The person you delegate to may be the best person for the job.
  3. Delegating tasks evens the lead across the team
  4. Delegating tasks may be seen as a form of training
  5. Delegating tasks may be seen as a motivating factor as it shows trust.

There are three bad reasons for delegating your work to others:

  1. You have neglected the task. It has become a disaster. You dump it on another!
  2. Delegating as a form of punishing another for upsetting you.
  3. Delegating because of your own laziness.

How to delegate:

If you are going to delegate a task, you owe it to the other to be clear.

You can use SMART target model to help you.

SMART delegating looks like this :( Each letter in SMART stands for a characteristic).

  1. When delegating be SPECIFIC, not vague.
    Try to express the task in numerical values?
  2. When delegating tell the person exactly how they will be MEASURED
  3. When delegating, ensure the task is ACHIEVABLE: does the person have all the relevant skills?
  4. When delegating ensure that the task is REALISTIC
    Ask yourself "Does context allow this to be done?"
  5. When delegating ensure that the task is given a DEADLINE
  6. Tell the person by when the task should be completed.

Delegate all the lower value items on your to do list, for the right reason only, using SMART.

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