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Positive Mental Attitude Training

Online Positive Mental Attitude Training - 2 Day Live Webinar

Attitudes affect results, because attitudes affect actions. Negative attitudes (worry, anxiety, fear, anger, cynical) tend to produce negative results. Whilst positive attitudes (goal-focussed, optimistic, confident, self-belief) produce positive results.

In order to improve upon current results, we must create and sustain a positive mental attitude, especially during tough times. But how?

This live, online course teaches the exact steps: What to say and do to inspire yourself and others with a positive mental attitude.

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Also available as face-to-face training: Open Course or In - House

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Positive Mental Attitude Training Availability, Pricing and Course Dates

If you have any questions, please phone us (020 3856 3037) or send us a message.

Live Online Virtual Training

£800+VAT per delegate

Open Course (Face-to-Face)

£900+VAT per delegate
(Early Bird Offers Available)
  • Delivered at venues around the UK
  • Open Course Timings are: 9am - 4.30pm
  • If you arrive earlier than 9am, there is coffee / tea waiting for you.

Bespoke Training (In-House or Live Online)

£2,000+VAT per training day
(International Price Varies)

In-House training has been designed to provide a similar experience to our open courses, however we can tailor the content to fit your specific needs.

Plus, hotel accommodation for trainer if needed (Premier Inn type: not the Hilton!)

We are able to train in your timezone.

All our training includes:

  • Two full days of quality training, delivered by an experienced trainer
  • Total of 12 CPD training hours (9am - 4.30pm), plus an additional 2-3 via post-course online independent learning.
  • Full digital interactive course notes
  • Training certificate
  • Access to additional free training material after the course via our post-course portal
  • 3 months free telephone coaching: Whilst you are implementing what you have learned, if you need to, you can contact us for support and guidance

Live Online Positive Mental Attitude Virtual Training

This unique online course is a game changer. It helps everyone, individuals, teams and organisations, to transform their results, by understanding that peoples’ results have their origins in states of mind.

Current results are caused by recent actions; and recent actions are caused by people’s mindset. If the quality of thinking is poor, then the results will be equally poor. If the quality of thinking is good, the results will reflect the clarity, accuracy and positivity of the thinking that created them.

This training is based upon creating the correct mindset, based on three major concepts: clarity, rationality and positivity. The course objective is to clarify thinking, make it systematic and well organised and to ensure a sustainable positive mental state.

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Customer Reviews

4.9/5 Our Positive Mental Attitude Course is rated based on 503 reviews. More Customer Reviews >
Even though the course was online, it was still really interactive. I now have some great tools to work with. Chris was terrific - engaging and discussing key points while also using the interactive whiteboard to illustrate key points. There was a good balance of slides, interactive whiteboard and discussion. I would recommend this course.
The course was extremely helpful, I really enjoyed the whole content. I found particularly helpful and will implement in my day to day work: Conflict management – rational objective language; 8 Part SMART questions; Time management matrix. Chris... [Read More]

Online Positive Mental Attitude Training Course Overview

This course is delivered over two consecutive days via either Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The sessions start at 9am, with breaks at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. We finish at 4.30pm.

Everyone knows that they are supposed to have a positive attitude, but most people are confused about what that is, in terms of thoughts, communication, feelings, behaviours and results. To be successful, we need to develop an attitude that is clear, rational and positive.

This live, online course teaches a step-by-step guide to achieving better results.

Day one morning: We discuss the need to develop a goal-focused mentality and how we should add value to others. Our language must be clear and distinct, not ambiguous, or vague. We learn how to find solutions to problems, not blame.

Day one afternoon: We show you the importance of making positive suggestions, not negative. We show you how to handle conflict reasonably, not emotionally. We teach you when to compromise and when to stand firm. We discuss the need to give praise and appreciation, whenever it is owed.

Day two morning: We teach you how to plan and prioritise your time and effort, creating energy. We discuss the reasoning behind being optimistic, never pessimistic. Showing you how to concentrate on goals, not fears. You will learn how to quickly move on from upsets and anger.

Day two afternoon: By assuming that we can always improve upon the current situation, we never feel helpless. We show you how to create confidence in ourselves, eliminating morbid self-doubt. We discuss how to create optimism and act as a source of strength to others.

Through the information you learn on this course, you will gain the benefits of a productive mindset and positive mental attitude, allowing you to live in a state of positive, rational and clear thought.

If you would like to improve your confidence and mental attitude, please enrol here.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to Create and sustain a positive mental attitude especially during tough times
  • Positive attitude starts with setting ambitious, worthwhile goals
  • Operate according to your plan, not your mood: Mind over mood
  • How to easily handle negative situations in positive ways
  • Manage the content of your mind and your conversation
  • Develop more self-control, self-discipline and self-confidence
  • Use your new skills to help and inspire others

Register for an Online Training Session

We offer online training webinars via Zoom and Microsoft Teams, please choose one of the sessions below to start your registration process:

2 full days training (9am - 4.30pm) - only £800+VAT per delegate

Date Platform Cost Availability


4 - 5 October 2022Online via Teams£800 +VAT£800 +VAT


3 - 4 November 2022Online via Teams£800 +VAT£800 +VAT


5 - 6 December 2022Online via Teams£800 +VAT£800 +VAT

January 2023

23 - 24 January 2023Online via Teams£720 +VAT£720 +VAT

March 2023

2 - 3 March 2023Online via Teams£720 +VAT£720 +VAT

April 2023

4 - 5 April 2023Online via Teams£720 +VAT£720 +VAT

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