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Positive Mental Attitude Training Course Outline

Having a positive attitude is a great asset as it helps you make the best of any situation. This course has been designed to show you how to set worthwhile goals and how to use self-discipline to overcome procrastination. Improve your problem-solving and decision-making skills. Learn how to give feedback and appreciation and inspire PMA in others.

Available as an Open Course or In-House

Excellent content! I particularly liked the 8 Part SMART and understanding the difference between Critics and Cynics. Transforming negative conversations onto a more productive track. The trainer's presentation had a good pace, presentation and style.

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Positive Mental Attitude Training - Day One - Morning

Developing a positive attitude will improve mental health and bottom line results

Your attitude affects everything you do and everyone you talk to
We are here to learn how to get the best from ourselves and others.
We start by asking you; What you want to achieve by attending this training?
We will show you that the fastest way to high achievement is via a program of personal development.

Positive mental attitude starts with setting goals

Positive attitudes depend upon optimism.
Optimism depends upon having a vision for a better future.
A vision for a better future depends upon Goal Setting.
We will show you how to set ambitious and specific goals.

You need to decide exactly what you want and discover what others want

Your goals must benefit yourself AND other people.
We will show you that you will achieve your goals ONLY IF you add value to other people, as you go.

Positive mental attitude includes developing the right kind of humour

We will discuss benefits of the proper uses of good humour.
We will analyse the painful consequences of destructive humour.
We will show you how to develop a correct and pleasant sense of humour.


Your mental attitude leaves a lasting and strong impression on other people

People form “impressions” of your personality based upon everything you SAY and DO.
Luckily, you can CONTROL everything you say and do. (Or at least you could).
Therefore, you can positively affect the way other people perceive your personality.
We will show you how to affect the way others perceive you, to become a mirror of what you WANT it to be.

Positive attitude includes focusing onto “the CAN-DO portion of the job”

In all situations, there are things that you cannot change; and there are things you can.
Many people waste time thinking about things they cannot change.
We will show you how to focus your attention only upon those things you CAN change.

Avoid issuing negative commands. Learn to give only positive suggestions

Some people accidently say the wrong thing, such as “Don’t worry”
Negative commands leave negative images in the mind.
We will show you how to re-word your language so that you leave only positive images in the minds of your listeners.

Why you should strive to create positive images in the minds of other people

People always respond in accordance to their innermost thoughts.
And their thoughts respond to the words that they use and hear.

If you want to improve people’s responses, then you must improve and control YOUR use of language.
We will show you how to use your words to get the best results get from yourself and others.

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Positive Mental Attitude Training - Day One - Afternoon

How to manage negative people and conflict situations in positive ways

Conflict is inevitable because people disagree.
Disagreement can be beneficial but only if we remain rational.
If we allow disagreements and conflicts to degenerate into an emotionalised war of words, then we all lose.
We will show you how to properly handle conflict, according to The Principles of Reason.

The importance of the Self-image and how people act according to it

As we grow up, we all develop a “self-image”, which is the sum of our innermost beliefs about “who we really are”.
Once you have developed your self-image, it controls every aspect of your behaviour.
You always act in accordance with your self-image.
We will show you how you can harness the power of a person’s self-image as a lever to change their behaviour.


How to give a correction or a criticism in a constructive way

We must all learn to accept and act upon negative feedback.
Negative feedback is information that tells us that what we are doing is “off track” (i.e. Ineffective or wrong).
Negative feedback is vital information, but most people hate to hear it.
We will show you how to word your negative feedback message, so that the other person perceives it as valuable guidance, rather than an insult or a “telling off”.

Learn exactly what to say and what NOT to say

If you use language that is too assertive (or not assertive enough) then the other person will not respond well and instead they will become stubborn and refuse to change.
If you word you message correctly, you will eliminate negative responses and instead you will trigger an adaptive response.
We will show you how exactly how you can word your message so that you will trigger a more positive, adaptive response from your listener.

How to suggest positive solutions and gain their commitment

At work, you cannot FORCE people to agree with you.
You can only get what you want by gaining their agreement.
You must learn how to gain their willing commitment to make a change.
We will show you how you can best gain their willing commitment.

Remember to give appreciation thanks and praise

People come to work for more than just money.
Money is not the only motivator.
There are many social motivators, (i.e. intangible, emotional motivators)
Praise and appreciation are social motivators.
We will show you how important it is to properly praise, appreciate and thank others.

Course content was comprehensive, interactive, stimulating with individual and group learning. The trainer’s presentation was clear, well organised, well communicated, instructive, relevant and useful.

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Positive Mental Attitude Training - Day Two - Morning

Every goal needs a plan capable of achieving it

Everyone needs two things, a goal and a plan.
Having a goal without having a plan, is useless.
Many people don’t plan, they “make it up as they go along”.
We will show you how important it is to have a plan

Many people have plans they don’t follow

They don’t follow the plan because there are some things on it, that they don’t want to do.
Or they are not in the mood.
We will show you that you should not let your momentary mood to become the deciding factor in what you will do today.

How to triumph over procrastination

Procrastination is the habit of putting-off tasks because they are unpleasant

Procrastinators put their emotions before their plans.
They say, “I know I could, I know I should; but I’m not in the mood, so I won’t”.
We will discuss the negative effects of procrastination.

Prioritise tasks according to value and deadline pressure

There are always too many things to do.
But not everything on your plan can be done today.
You need to prioritise your tasks.
We will show you how to properly prioritise your tasks according to their value and their deadline pressure.

Analyse and identify who and what wastes your time, and act on the answers

Even though you may have your priorities well planned, people and things will tend to knock you off track.
We will show you how to handle those people and events that stop you from being more productive.

80 20 Diagram

How to make the right decisions by creating a decision matrix

The quality of your life is dependent on the quality of your decisions.
Good decisions lead to good life
Bad decisions lead to a bad life.
We will show you how to make the best decision by using structured decision matrices.

How to quickly solve problems by identifying their causes

Life is about solving problems.
All problems have at least three causes.
The three causes suggest at least two possible solutions.
We will show you how to quickly solve problems by making a “1 problem, 3 causes, 6 solution analysis”.

Use the pareto principle to better manage distractions and interruptions

80% of the value is in 20% of the content.
This is called the pareto principle, or the 80.20. rule.
We will show you how you can use the 80.20. rule to get the best from any situation.

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Positive Mental Attitude Training - Day Two - Afternoon

Manage your mind by becoming more aware of “self-talk”

“Self-talk” is the little voice you have inside your head that gives a running commentary on your thoughts.
Depending on what that little voice says, it can be your worst enemy or best friend.
We will show you how what you say to yourself affects your beliefs, your emotions, feelings, behaviour and results.

How to take control of your own conversation and direct it positive outcomes

Not only do you affect yourself, you affect everyone with whom you come into daily contact.
You can use the insights you gained above to start to positively affect others.
We will show you the awesome power you have to positively affect others.

How to guide the conversations of others towards more positive outcomes

Once you understand that your words have awesome power, you can start to use that power to help others redirect their conversations and make them feel better.
We will show you how to harness this power and make it work its magic.

Change the plan

How to guide people out of feelings of fear, anger and upset

Your goal is to guide their conversations away from fear, anger and upset, and towards optimism, confidence, and happiness.

Learn a simple five-part success formula

The success formula is a five-part model that describes successful human action.
It is based upon five words, Purpose, plan, action, feedback & change.
We will explain the inner workings of the success formula and how you can use it to immediately improve upon your current conditions.

Help other people by teaching them the success formul

Once you understand how the success formula works for you, you can use it to help other people get what they want.
We will show you how you can become a positive factor in the lives of others.

Become more influential by becoming a positive role model and coach.

As you succeed on a higher level, you can become both a mentor and a coach.
We will show you how you can get the best from yourself others, and every situation.

Don’t tell people what you can do. SHOW THEM.

This course is not theoretical, it is practical
We will ask you how are you going to apply this material?

Personal performance planning

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A selection of food which is available on our open courses - varies per venue

The content of the course is very useful and directly relevant to both my professional and personal life. Will be very useful in the future. Trainer's presentation was engaging and dynamic. Delivered the content really well.

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