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Leadership Masterclass Training Course Outline

This course is intended to take you to the next level of your professional development. This course contains advanced material that will be new to you. This material will improve your skills in communication, planning, problem solving, motivation and leadership

Available as an In-House Course

I found the course content very interesting and believe that many of the topics can be integrated into my working day, to enable me to complete more productive and valuable work. The presentation was excellent, informative and easy to understand. The diagrams were especially useful.

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Leadership Masterclass Training - Morning

Leadership Masterclass - Visionary, Communication, Self-confidence, inspiration to take action, harmonise the efforts of others, set the standard. be a role model


Our definition of leadership is detailed and full of meaning. Memorise the following:

Leadership is a specialised form of thought, emotion, communication and action, that gives its possessor the remarkable ability to inspire the best performance from other people: to have them work together willingly and cooperatively, in ways that will achieve a worthwhile and valuable goal, in the most efficient manner possible.

What are the six key leadership qualities?

History is filled with many examples of great leadership; In politics, in sport, in exploration, in business and in everyday life. There are many different examples of leadership but all leaders share the same set of key leadership qualities, that allow them to function as a leader.

Those six qualities are:

  1. Visionary Goal focus
  2. Communication skills: The Language of leadership
  3. Self confidence and self belief
  4. The ability to inspire others to take action, in pursuit of the goal
  5. The ability to harmonise the efforts of others
  6. The ability to act as a role model

As a result of coming on this course, which leadership skills do you most need to develop in yourself?

Developing a clear vision for a better future

Leaders lead people towards a vision of a better future.

Developing a Goal focused mind set.

What is your vision / goal for a better future?

Leaders transform visions into tangible goals.

Self-belief and self confidence

Leaders need to have self-belief and confidence.

Leaders are emotionally tough. They don’t give up easily.

Confidence in the goal, the plan, the people, and in themselves.

Transform Visions into tangible goals

How to set and communicate a clear goal.

Practice exercises.

Leadership Masterclass Training - Afternoon

Communication skills: The language of a leader

Leaders talk differently to non-leaders. We will examine the differences in the communication style of successful leaders and contrast it to the communication of non-leaders.

Exercise: The Full Monty.

Learn how to speak like a leader.

Action planning: What changes do you think you should make.

Motivating others. How to inspire others into action

There are three basic emotions of motivation:

  • Desire can be a motivator
  • Fear can be a motivator
  • Anger can be a motivator
If you motivate people by FEAR or ANGER, you will eventually fail

If you motivate people by FEAR or ANGER too often, you will eventually fail.

Fear and anger results in the loss of the team’s commitment.

Try to motivate by using an optimistic vision and a keen desire for a better future.

This is inspirational leadership.

Problem solving – Harness the combined brain power of the whole team

Leaders draw on the combined brain power of the whole team, by asking the right questions and listening to their answers.

How NOT listening to their own team has caused many leaders to fail.

How you draw strength by using the combined brain power of the whole team.

Leaders have a good stock of readymade, P.S.Qs. (Problem solving questions)

Formulate your own list of P.S.Qs

Acting the part of a Role model

The leader often acts as the team’s emotional standard bearer

They must be ready to be a role model

Leaders don’t tell people what they want, they demonstrate it

Set the standard you expect to see in others

How can you improve your own performance?


Action Planning and Close

Fantastic course content. I loved the booklet/ manual; I wish other courses had such comprehensive notes to take away. Brilliant methodologies, tools and frameworks to take away and apply to my work, and home life. Really motivating and inspiring content. The trainer’s presentation: Chris and Gez are both great presenters. In particular Chris had great in-depth knowledge of the content, and had good answers to questions. Also had a really inspirational way of presenting. And was happy for challenging questions.

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