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Three Motivators

Three motivators

Three ways to motivate yourself and others.

Motivation is the emotion that compels you to take action.

Without motivation you would do nothing.
With enough motivation, you could achieve practically any goal that you set your mind on. Most people do have intelligence, sufficient to achieve their goals.

But many people lack sufficient motivation to actually do the things that they say they want to do.
For example, many people want to lose weight. They would prefer to be slimmer. But they lack the motivation to take the necessary action.

Many people would like to earn more money, but they lack the motivation to do the work necessary that would make the money.
Motivation is a key factor in your success.
If you don't have enough, how could you create it?

Let us look at the main motivators.

There are three main motivators. They are as follows.

  1. Desire
  2. Fear
  3. Anger

Let us look at each one in turn.

1. Desire as the main motivator

You can be motivated by desire.

Desire for money. Desire for security. Desire for achievement. Desire for being a part of a group. Desire for fame.
Desire is a powerful motivator. Many people lack desire. Therefore they lack motivation.
We recommend that, if you lack motivation, you should start thinking harder about what it is that you want.
Many people lack desire. Therefore they lack motivation. Many people lack desire because they have been told:

"Do not to get your hopes up". And they have been told, "You should be satisfied with what you have".

We recommend the opposite advice.

  1. Do get your hopes up.
  2. Don't be satisfied with what you have. Try to earn more. Try to improve on your previous best. Set your sights higher.

Increase your desire and you will increase your motivation.

Desire is the most powerful motivator.

2. Fear as a motivator

Fear can act as a motivator. If a tiger walks into your room and looks at you hungrily, then you would probably be fearful. And that fear can motivate you into action. To run faster, and fight harder.

Fear is generally a negative emotion. But in some circumstances, fear can serve you, by motivating you to take the proper action.
Ask yourself some fear inducing questions that will tend to motivate you into taking action.

Use the following question to motivate you into action:

What are the painful consequences you will suffer if you don't............

What are the painful consequences you will suffer if you don't............control your spending?
What are the painful consequences you will suffer if you don't............control your appetite?
What are the painful consequences you will suffer if you don't............control your emotions?
What are the painful consequences you will suffer if you don't............get the job done on time?

Use the twin engines of desire and fear to motivate yourself to take action.

3. Anger as a motivator

Anger is a negative motivator. If you are angry, then you will be motivated to act. However, when we are angry, we tend to lose the power of rational thought. When we are angry we tend to say the wrong things, do the wrong things, and we tend to make a bad situation worse.

Anger is a powerful motivator. It will compel you to act. But we recommend that you guard against acting when motivated by anger. Anger is toxic. Anger can burn you. It will make things worse.

Even boxers try not to lose their temper in the ring. They know that getting angry will cause them to make mistakes and they will lose.
Getting angry is the equivalent of getting stupid.
When you are angry, you act in stupid ways, and you say stupid things.
Do all you can to disconnect yourself from being motivated by anger.


Motivation is vital to your success. There are three primary motivators.

  1. Desire, fear and anger.
  2. Desire is the best motivator. A Desire for a better life.
  3. Fear is the second best motivator. Fear can be harnessed to motivate you into taking the right action.

Anger is the worst motivator. Anger will often cause you to fail. Don't act through the motivation of anger.

Use both Desire and fear.
Use the carrot and the stick.
Pleasure and pain.
Slap and tickle.

They both work.

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