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The Best Management Skills Training

The best management skills training

The best management skills training

"Management" is the ability to plan and organise resources in a way that will most efficiently achieve a stated goal.

"Management skills" is the set of skills that are consistent with the above definition.

"Management skills training" is the specific training that teaches the skills needed to achieve good management.

"The best management training" is the training that can deliver that knowledge most effectively.

What skills, specifically, are those required to plan and organise your resources in a way that will most efficiently achieve your goals?

They are as follows:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Communication
  3. Planning
  4. Decision making
  5. Negotiating
  6. Problem solving
  7. Leadership

Goal setting

Goal setting is the first act of management because management consists of moving FROM your current state, which is the given, to your GOAL sate, which is not given.
Effective goal setting, means setting goals that are: Clear, specific, realistic and moral.

Setting goals is the first management skill to learn and apply.


Once the goal has been agreed, it must be properly and persuasively communicated to all those who need to know:

They include:

  1. The people who will implement the goal: The people who will do the work.
  2. The people affected by the goal: Those whose circumstances will change if the goal is achieved.
  3. The people whose cooperation you will need to gain: Bankers, bosses, regulators etc.

The goal may fail IF its purpose is poorly communicated.

The communication process must provide the following information:

  1. A description of what exactly the goal-state is
  2. A description of the reasons for the goal. I.e. the benefits we get if we achieve the goal
  3. A description of the plan by which we intend to achieve the goal

Which leads me to the next point......


A goal needs a plan.

A goal without a plan is merely a wish. And wishes generally don't come true UNLESS you have a practical plan of action that will make it come true.

Planning is the combined use of the intellect and imagination to create a series of steps that, when taken, will create the results you want.

Planning involves:

  1. Prioritising
  2. Organising

Good management training will cover both aspects plus, the following.......

Decision making

You are a limited resource, so you cannot do it all, therefore you must decide to do some things, and not others. You must choose one path, in preference to another.
Any wrong decision or any dithering will cost you, in terms of effectiveness and profit.
Skills in good decision making are an essential part of intelligent goal-directed action.

So good management training always has a session on decision making.


Because you have to trade with other people, in order to achieve your goal, then negotiation skills would be included in the training.

You need to handle difficult situations with other human beings who may be:

  1. Acting according to their priorities, not yours
  2. Breaking the rules
  3. Failing to live up to the agreement.

You need ways to handle these situations skilfully.

Good management training would cover this too.

Problem solving

The implementation of the plan wills not always go well. You will have problems. Therefore Problem solving skills are important. Problem solving has four elements to master:

  1. Proper identification of the definition of the problem
  2. Proper identification of the causes of the problem and their associated corrections
  3. Identification of the implications of the problem and their countermeasures
  4. Proper identification of the possible unplanned benefits that having the problem may bestow.

Management training should cover this too.


Leadership is the act of communicating in such a way that induces other people to act to achieve your goal. You will probably still have to pay them, but leadership qualities will allow you to get more and better productive effort, from the team.

Just think of how much money poor leadership costs this country every year in the form of lost production.

Contrary to popular belief, Leadership skills are not an innate gift from the gods.

Leadership is a series of thinking and communication skills that can be learned.

Good training will cover some of these aspects, including:

  1. Mental clarity
  2. The language of a leader. ( Inspiring leaders use language in very specific ways)
  3. Role modelling
  4. The willingness to live up to the standard you demand from others.

If you agree, with this approach, and you want to know more about the training please follow this link to our management training course

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