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Success Requires the Quality of Persistence

Success Requires the Quality of Persistence

Success Requires the Quality of Persistence

Whenever you fail, don't give up on your goal. Instead, rewrite your plan.

Some people, whenever they meet any setback or defeat, see it as a signal to change their goal, instead of their plan.

These poor people would tend to interpret a defeat, as evidence that the goal itself is not possible, or is not worth the effort. They give up on the goal, and then they set up a brand-new goal.

Motivation : Success Requires the Quality of Persistence

When they suffer a setback, some people set up a brand-new goal.

The people who give up on their goal, may set a brand-new goal. They formulate a plan intended to achieve the new goal. They put their plan into action; but they find, pretty soon, that they are butting up against their first setbacks. So, they would then, retreat from their second goal and set the third goal. They soon suffer a defeat, which they see as a trigger to give up and retreat yet again. And so it goes.

These poor people keep retreating from goals whenever they come up against a series of setbacks, difficulties and defeats. They always set a new goal, when instead, they should hold the line, and rewrite their plans.

The people who retreat from their goals fall into the trap of always starting new projects, but never finishing any. They are also the ones who "Keep moving the goal posts". These are the people that the rest of us complain about.

Because those people who keep moving the goal posts, frustrate those people who are building plans and taking the action. No sooner have we formulated a plan and taken a few actions, we learn that the goal has been changed again.

You can understand immediately how this habit of continually changing the goal, frustrates the working of the success formula.

The goal needs to be stable over time.

  • It takes years to achieve a significant goal.
  • It takes years to build a business.
  • It takes years to become an expert.
  • It takes years to become a champion.
  • It takes years to raise a family.

Nothing of significance can be done in a moment, first time, without error. Every major achievement is made in the face of multiple setbacks, criticism, defeats and difficulties. It is impossible to win without losing.

Those people who retreat from a goal merely because they have suffered multiple setbacks, criticisms, defeats and difficulties will never achieve anything of substance because they have a wrong-headed understanding of the workings of the success formula.

Motivation : Success Requires the Quality of Persistence

Success requires the quality of persistence.

Whenever you fail, don't give up on the goal. Instead, rewrite the plan.

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