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Stress Management by Means of Time Management Training

Stress management / time management

Today, there are many people who feel stressed.

Many are looking for ways to reduce their stress. So they search Google for "stress management training", to help them.

Which is fine...

BUT, I have observed many times that "Work stress" is often a result of poor time management skills.

i.e. Suppose Sam is messing up in terms of his:

  1. Planning
  2. Preparing
  3. Prioritising
  4. Delegating

As a result he is on the back foot:

  • He is late with projects
  • He misses deadlines
  • He fails to attend an important meeting

So as a result of that, Sam is constantly:

  • Fending off complaints
  • Re-doing work
  • Staying up late worrying about the reprimand he received from his manager

As a result of that, Sam feels stressed.

Right away we can see where the problem is, can't we?

We can see that, although stress is the result, stress is not the root cause of the problem.

Rather, the problem here is the failure to:


So, if you are feeling stressed, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you spend sufficient time planning ahead?
  • Do you prioritise your tasks so that you are doing the most valuable thing or are you too easily distracted and taken off track?
  • Do you fail to delegate and as a consequence try to do too much?
  • Are you too disorganised?

Here are the points I want to leave with you to think about.

IF you mess up your time management, then you will feel more stressed.

Many people who say they need "stress management training" would be better served looking at time management training.

If you prioritise, plan ahead and prepare well, then you will probably feel less stressed.

For more information about time management training visit the Corporate Coach Group website

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