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How to Get the Best Performance From Yourself

How to Get the Best Performance From Yourself

How to Get the Best Performance From Yourself

It is important to get the best from yourself, because your success depends upon it.

If you don't get the best from yourself, then you won't reap any rewards.

However, if you DO get the best from yourself, then you will enjoy all the fruits and the flowers, that are yours for the taking. Which would be great!

Your In-built Potential

Remember that you were born as a set of potentialities. Inside every cell of your body there is a DNA code that supplies your body with the blueprint to build a YOU.

Unless you have an identical twin, then you are the only person on the planet with that particular blueprint. And you are the only one who has ever had, or ever will have, that particular genetic blueprint.

Your blueprint is irreplaceable and unique; it defines a set of potentialities that are inherent in your makeup.

Your DNA code defines a set of potentials: potential height, weight, strength, intelligence, colouring, speed and even longevity. It also puts limits on what you can do. You are not going to be 10 feet tall, nor will you be able to run at 70 mph.

And, just because you have a potential, does not mean you will actualise your potential.

Actualise your potential

You have strength potential, but you won't actualise it, unless you train yourself for strength.

You have intellectual potential, but you won't actualise it, unless you train your intellect.

Even a genetically gifted person may remain ignorant.

And a non-genius can study and become a great mathematician.

The interesting thing is that the trained mathematician would easily outperform the untrained natural genius, in any maths exam.

Targeted Training Helps You Achieve Your Potential

Super-human performance occurs when natural talent is combined with targeted training.

When talent is teamed with training, then you get the best of both worlds; and you end up with an Isaac Newton or a Usain Bolt.

By definition, the truth is that most of us are plain and average. Average height, average looks and of average ability.

But that doesn't mean that we have to be of average performance. Because we can train ourselves to become much better than the average.

You can train for three hours a week and soon you will be way-above average at anything you train for.

  • If you trained yourself on speed, you'll be faster than the average.
  • If you trained yourself on power, then you'll be more powerful than the average.
  • If you trained yourself on style, then you'll be more stylish than the average.

Maybe you won't be the best in the world, but you don't need to be. You just have to be the best in the room.

So why not train yourself to be the best there is, in your work environment?

All it would take is some targeted training. By training yourself, then you could be the best there is in the building.

Action Plan

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