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How can I Make Better Progress

How can I make better progress

How can I make better progress?

How to make better progress: Advice from athlete Kai Green on what it takes to be successful:

"In real life, in the trenches, you have to be a trouble shooter; you have to be a problem solver."

At the end of the day; your goals are your goals and the responsibility for achieving them rests with you.

Your mother will love you whether or not you are a champion. She doesn't mind too much if you win or lose, because she will love you anyway.

But your dream to be a champion is your dream so it is up to you to cultivate that dream. To protect it. To nurture it. It is your responsibility to discover all the ways to ensure that you train hard, and do things right, and on time, without incident.

Young fledgling athletes with dreams of where they want to go in sports have got to develop their primary tool; which is an awareness of their skills. Here I am not talking about development of technical skills, though that is essential, I am referring rather to the development of your character which speaks of your ability to follow through relentlessly on your training. It will allow you to string together days of efficient action.

Now we are starting to talk about things that scientifically can support your growth and development.

But if you are still working without the strength of character, without the ability to follow through even on the days you don't want to, then all that complex conversation you had about the sciences and your giant ambition will mean little to your future. If you are not able to get up on time, cook your meals, and engage in the daily disciplines that combine to make you ready when the next opportunity and challenge presents itself to you, then all your talk will be just that. Talk.

Your next sponsor will come to help you, only after you have busted your gut to get the job done on your own account.
Your next sponsor or teacher will not offer you help if you are walking the streets just hoping for someone to discover your talent.

You must first discover and develop your own talent and develop it as far as you can, on your own, with whatever resources you have available at home.

Don't rely on your old excuses saying, "I don't have a fair chance. I don't have champion's resources." Use whatever tools you do have and you will find that, as you progress, and others notice your potential, they will invest some of their time and effort into you. And it is in this way you can advance out of difficult environments.

If you have big dreams; something that will demand your best, and you are thinking that you need somebody to come into your life who can make you a champion, then you've got a sad thing coming.

The truth is, you must master yourself; master your disciplines and master your time management, these things are critical. Without those in place even the greatest coach and the greatest trainer and the greatest management company cannot do anything for you, and more importantly, they would not even try.

Before they will invest any time money and effort into you, they need to see that you have the fundamental character traits of a champion that will justify their investment. It is up to you to convince the world you are a true champion.

And it comes from the inside out, not the outside in.

If you need someone else to check up on you; if you need your coach to ask:

Did you do your training?
Did you do your preparations? Did you stick to your diet?

Then, man, you can forget about being a champion.

You becoming a champion is not important to anyone else. In fact some others may resent and dislike you making progress, because they look bad when you are succeeding and they are standing still.

So, if you need to be motivated by someone else; If your performance needs to be disciplined and managed by someone else, then I know that there will be a large part of your best potential that will never be tapped.

People see the champions on the podium, and for a few moments they see them accepting the accolades and the medals and signing the multi million-pound contract. And they say, "That is what I want to do. I want to be just like that guy."

What they didn't see is the years of getting up early, working out late, sticking to the regime, dealing with defeats and setbacks and injuries, and the self-doubts that their day will ever come.


They just see the accolade, and they want it.
They don't see the work, and they don't want it.

My message is this. You can't have the accolade first and promise to do the work later.

You must do the work first.

You must learn to discipline yourself to be a champion when no one else knows, or cares, who you are, nor what you are doing.

Only then are you worthy.

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