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Stress Management Skills Blog

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Chris Farmer's Leadership and Management Training Blog

Chris Farmer

Welcome - the purpose of the blog page is to provide you with a never ending source of valuable, practical and entertaining information designed to help you get the best performance from yourself and others.

In these blogs you will find all the information you need to make faster progress in less time and effort. Here you will find all the information you need to achieve your goals. In addition to helping yourself to achieve your goals, you can use the same information to help others to achieve their goals.

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Stress Management Skills Blogs

  • Is Stress Bad for You?

    14 September 2017

    Many people speak of stress in the same way as they might speak of a deadly disease. They may speak of stress as if it were inherently bad, like the E-bola virus. But the truth is, stress is not always bad for you. Some stress can even be good for you... Continue Reading >

    Is Stress Bad for You?
  • Coping With Stress

    31 March 2017

    Coping With Stress It is important to learn how to handle stress, because you cannot avoid all stressful situations. You can handle stress by compartmentalising your mind and by breaking your experience into clear, distinct and separate compartments. Your mind can be likened to a ship, that is sailing on the... Continue Reading >

    Coping With Stress
  • How to Handle Stress

    16 February 2016

    How to Handle Stress During our leadership and management training courses, the issue of "stress" often comes up. Many delegates report that they feel stressed, and the word "stressed" always denotes a negative thing. The idea is always, "stress is bad". Stress is indeed bad. But not always. Sometimes stress can... Continue Reading >

    How to Handle Stress
  • Stress Management: Find your Optimum Zone

    28 April 2015

    Stress Management: Find Your Optimum Zone The first law of survival is: Know your enemy! If you think that stress is your enemy then you need to know something more about stress. The first person to do any serious study of stress was Hans Seyle, who was an Austrian-Canadian scientist. He... Continue Reading >

    Stress Management: Find your Optimum Zone
  • The Three Best Ways to Manage your Stress

    03 March 2014

    The three best ways to manage your stress It is important to manage your stress. If stress becomes overwhelming, then stress becomes toxic. If stress is kept under control, then stress is the stimulus for adaptive action. And adaptive action is good. Question how can you keep stress under control? One... Continue Reading >

    The Three Best Ways to Manage your Stress
  • Managing Stress - an Adaptive Response

    17 February 2014

    Managing stress - An adaptive response During these days of austerity and cut backs, there is a lot of talk about stress. Stress is often spoken of as if stress were a deadly contagious disease that periodically sweeps the nation. Like bird flu. But stress is not bird flu. Stress is... Continue Reading >

    Managing Stress - an Adaptive Response
  • Top Tips for Stress Management

    06 August 2012

    Ten top tips for stress management What is "Stress"? In our context, stress can be defined as: "A mental and physiological reaction to work pressures and the meanings that you give to them" What is "Stress management"? "Stress management" is the art of orchestrating: The intensity, duration and frequency of stressors... Continue Reading >

    Top Tips for Stress Management
  • Stress Management and Time Management Training

    31 October 2011

    Stress management and time management training Stress management and time management go together Many people are feeling stressed: and part of the reason is their lack of time management skills. So you can think "Stress" and "Time management" are like twins: where one is, the other is close at hand. Here... Continue Reading >

    Stress Management and Time Management Training
  • How to Manage Stress - Stress is Not a Disease

    11 October 2011

    How to manage stress - Stress is not a disease The first thing to know is this: Stress is not a disease. Stress is the trigger for adaptive improvements. Indeed the absence of stress is bad: if you take all the pressure off a muscle then it gets weaker. If you... Continue Reading >

    How to Manage Stress - Stress is Not a Disease
  • Stress and Time Management Training

    02 August 2011

    Stress and time management training Feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work You've probably heard people say "I always give 100% to everything I do!" And: "If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing well." These sayings sound really good. And they sound like correct pieces of advice. But ARE they... Continue Reading >

    Stress and Time Management Training
  • How to Make Stress Make you Feel Stronger

    21 March 2011

    How to make stress make you feel stronger Stress is a common problem, due to the difficult situation the world is in right now. Stress can have two consequences: 1. Positive (excitement, growth stimulation and progress) 2. Negative (fear, exhaustion, overwhelm and sickness) Positive stress management Leads to excit... Continue Reading >

    How to Make Stress Make you Feel Stronger
  • Stress Management by Means of Time Management Training

    08 December 2010

    Stress management / time management Today, there are many people who feel stressed. Many are looking for ways to reduce their stress. So they search Google for "stress management training", to help them. Which is fine... BUT, I have observed many times that "Work stress" is often a result of poor... Continue Reading >

    Stress Management by Means of Time Management Training
  • Stress Management - Recovery Ability

    08 November 2010

    Stress management - Recovery ability Recovery ability is the ability of your "mental- emotional- physiological" body to absorb, metabolise and bounce back from, the various stressors that affect you, every day. Recovery ability is a combination of many factors including: Immunology and resistance to disease Mental toughness Good relationships with those... Continue Reading >

    Stress Management - Recovery Ability
  • Practical Stress Management Training

    27 October 2010

    Practical Stress management training Definition of "Stress": Stress is: A mental and physiological reaction to the environmental pressures and the associated meanings given to them. Definition of "Stress Management" Is the art of controlling: The focus of your mind The physical state of your body So as to create optimum emotional... Continue Reading >

    Practical Stress Management Training
  • Stressful Situations are Common

    15 June 2010

    Stressful situations are common They are most often triggered by threat situations. If you perceive no threats to your continued prosperity and health: you feel no stress. If you perceive there are threats to your continued prosperity and health, then you DO feel stress. You cannot wish the threat away, so... Continue Reading >

    Stressful Situations are Common
  • How to Manage Stress

    01 April 2010

    How to manage stress We live in a world that creates pressure to achieve more with less. That constant pressure can have an effect on some people from time to time. They may feel it as stress, tiredness or a drop in motivation. It may even create absenteeism. So, "How to... Continue Reading >

    How to Manage Stress
  • Work Pressure

    01 April 2010

    Work pressure Pressure is a part of life. But sometimes it can overwhelm you and be the cause of physical and mental problems. You cannot get away from pressure, because running away from problems always creates worse ones! The way to deal with pressure is to learn to handle three things... Continue Reading >

    Work Pressure
  • Managers are Stressed

    13 November 2009

    Are your managers stressed? Read the following and see if this rings bells with you. During a course last week I had a conversation with a manager, called Mark, and he was explaining to me the stress he was under. Mark said "I am a manager of a large team, and... Continue Reading >

    Managers are Stressed
  • 6 Point Stress Management Training

    26 August 2009

    Six things that will destroy your brain 1. High carbon monoxide Your brain demands 30% of all the oxygen you breathe. If it becomes short of oxygen will not work properly. Oxygen is carried to the brain in the red blood cells via a protein called "Haemoglobin" Haemoglobin has an affinity... Continue Reading >

    6 Point Stress Management Training